A solid design

When I am designing a house, addition, or remodeling project, how do I
know when I have developed a reasonable option for a residential design
solution? This can be a difficult question to answer when you’re faced with
time restraints, the momentum of a project beginning, and high benchmarks on
a design which solves all issues for a customer.

Like anything, sometimes, a residential design just comes together
quickly and most times it is a process of elimination. However, there is one question that usually solves this anxiety packed question for me; Do the
floor plans and elevations look like an obvious answer to the customer’s
problems? More simplified, if the design looks like an obvious solution, then
you know your conclusion is a viable design option.

What I love about residential design is that you are working on a
narrative, assumptions, budgets, and preference. It can be a challenging
endeavor to accomplish, but I generally find the entire process rewarding.
An area of design that I ponder; could this design have a phase two or a
relabeling of the floor plan for a different person? Many times, the designs I
have worked on are so compact that the above mentioned is not capable of
being achieved. In my opinion, if the answer is yes, you may have developed
an exceptional design.

In conclusion, my recommendation to anyone hiring or doing their own
residential design is enjoy the process, take your time, educate yourself on
products, architectural history, methods of construction, and evidentially you
will land your ideal design.