Addition or Remodel?

Is a remodel or an addition the correct choice

A common theme that I noticed when quoting a large room addition is that
the addition is an attempt to correct a faulty-existing floor plan. Of course, the
one room addition that serves as a sun room or bedroom is not part of this
equation, but rather the multi-purpose room addition generally is.
Besides the multi-purpose room addition being expensive and potentially
making your house the largest home in your immediate area, I pose the question
as a residential design professional and General Contractor, “Can you make your
existing floor plan function better and eliminate the need for an addition?”
What I know, being a son and grandson of General Contractors, is that the
planning phase of residential design is generally a low priority when building
your home. The development phase of the floor plans is often rushed with an
emphasis on labor and material efficiency. As a result, your floor plans may
have some real practical deficits, which are driving you as the homeowner to
think that the multi-room addition will solve all your organizational issues,
however it may be more practical to remodel than build an addition.
With years of residential design experience, I know that all designs are not
equal and that the challenge of an exceptional design is difficult to achieve.
However, the steps of achieving a well thought out design start with a process,
which could aid you when deciding on an addition vs. a remodel.
The first step that I would recommend to all homeowners is to hire a
design professional to replicate your existing floor plan from which remodeling
projects can be proposed. Consider a veteran General Contractor when hiring a
design professional, because they have a firm grasp on construction methods,
materials, and costs with doing these types of projects.
An additional consultation to consider is either hiring an appraiser or
experienced realtor to evaluate your potential investment. The information
gained from this investment may clue you in on what your existing value is, and
the potential value of your home once you are completed with your project.
Also, there may be some unique details that you should include in your project
to raise the value of your investment.