Are Storm Windows Worth it?

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Are storm windows a viable energy saving option and what are the additional benefits?

Do you feel like the interior of your home is too cold in the winter? Or maybe it is too hot in the summer months? If you feel like maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is an issue then storm windows may be worth a look. Today’s question: are storm windows a viable energy option? Well, read on and let’s discuss the answer to that question as storm windows are a viable energy saving option for your home, there are also several other benefits to installing storm windows in your home.

Benefits of Storm Windows

1. Noise Reduction

Your may current windows may have plenty of character but chances are they were designed for a quieter era, over the years, noise levels outside the home have drastically changed. A street that was once silent is now a highway leading straight to downtown. Many people enjoy the character of their old windows but at the same time, they may want to utilize the benefits of noise reduction offered by storm windows. When fitted properly by a licensed contractor such as American Building and Design, storm windows can be a beautiful addition to a home and they offer the added benefit of noise reduction.

2. Reduces UV exposure

Most modern homes with storm windows have tinted glass that help reduce the UV exposure in the house. UV exposure directly from the sun will cause fading of walls, flooring, drapes and furniture. Good storm windows offer the necessary tinting that may not be present on your old glass windows. 

3. Energy Reducing

We touched on this one earlier but in a world of high energy cost, we are always looking for the ways to conserve. One of the biggest benefits of storm windows is the energy cost savings they provide. Old windows properly maintained may do a pretty decent job of keeping out the heat and cold but chances are if they are older than ten years they cannot match the energy saving features of modern storm windows. Combine the effect of the storm window with proper glazing and the use of weather stripping and you could see a pretty significant reduction cost in your energy bills. 

4. Moisture control

It’s not uncommon for condensation to happen on the surface of your windows especially in single pane windows. Unfortunately, the water drips down to the frame and it can damage or even ruin the sash of the window. With time, the paint and the sealants will fail. More importantly, this will also compromise the integrity of the window. When you install storm windows, they will significantly reduce the amount of heat exchange on the surface of the window and therefore reduce condensation build up. 

5. Additional Screens

Have you ever opened your windows on a cool evening only to be greeted by bugs rushing into your home because your windows are not fitted with screens? This is not a pleasant experience and can be avoided. Good storm windows come with screens that allow you the opportunity to open the interior window plus the storm window without having to worry about critters entering your home.

So, storm windows are a viable energy option…

As well as offering many additional benefits including improving the aesthetics of your home. Properly fitted storm windows can complement the entire appearance of your home. But if you do prefer the look of the original windows, there is the option of using interior storm windows.

In summary…

Adding storm windows to your home can be a great choice both from an energy saving stand point and a design standpoint but only when done properly. Contact us at American Building and Design and receive a free design consultation and let us help you determine which product may be right for your project.