George’s Guide to Hiring a Home Inspector

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As a residential General Contractor since 1996, I have had to inform countless homeowners of costly repairs that either a knowledgeable or a skilled home inspector overlooked when performing the home inspection.

For the record, I am not a licensed home inspector, but I have taken the necessary 75-hour course that makes you eligible to take the National Home Inspection Exam, which I do plan on taking. I have formed strong opinions on this subject and have seen the ramifications of uninformed homeowners who were rushed through the home inspection process. As a result, some homeowners have had thousands of dollars in additional repairs that were avoidable if a home inspector had done a thorough job during the home inspection. Therefore, I have outlined a few tips on how I would approach hiring and utilizing the services on a home inspection.

1. Do not involve the realtors when hiring a home inspector. Remember that the home inspector is supposed to be an unbiased, all-knowing construction expert who is going to report the status of your future home. Therefore, you find and hire the home inspector yourself.

2. Look for home inspectors who own their own business and perform the home inspection themselves.

3. Only hire a home inspector that has owned and operated a residential remodeling company for at least ten years. The home inspection industry is loaded with non-trades home inspectors who have learned their craft from a classroom, which in my opinion, makes them less qualified to understand and diagnose potential issues.  

4. Once the home inspection is completed, read the entire report. Ask questions, bring up concerns. If there are issues, such as electrical, pay an electrician to follow up on the findings of the home inspection and address the issue with your realtor.

In conclusion, a home inspection is a critical aspect of your purchase. This process could save you thousands of dollars with unforeseen repairs, therefore take this aspect of your purchase seriously.

Written by George Trojan owner of American Building & Design, LLC