Pellet Boiler is a real option?

pellet boiler for your home

An exciting home heating option that has been growing market share is the pellet boiler. It is
projected that the pellet boiler will grow at 8.2% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate)
in the next decade according to Global market insights.

What is a pellet boiler? Mechanically, it’s virtually identical to your oil or gas boiler
other than the fuel source. The fuel-space storage is larger for a pellet boiler, which may
make this option unrealistic for some homeowners. Overall, a hopper is required, and a
fuel bin is needed to store pellets. The pellet stove does require a monthly emptying of an
ash bin; otherwise, there is little difference.

Why would I want a pellet boiler? This answer will have different importance to the
individual reader, but wood pellets have been historically more cost-effective than carbon-
based fuels. Secondly, pellets are classified as a biomass fuel, which are more
environmentally friendly, and a pellet boiler is a long-term, sustainable heating method
because wood pellets are a renewable, natural, and ultra-low carbon fuel.

What are the problems associated with pellet boilers? My understanding is that the
pellets used need to be the brand that the manufacturer specifies.
Also, humidity plays into the equation on burning the maximum BTUs received from your
pellets. So, to clarify, climate control plays into the storage of the pellets, which could
make this option a headache for some homeowners.

The challenge for the homeowner that wants to install a pellet boiler is finding a
heating contractor with a high degree of knowledge, actual work experience, and who is
focused on the details of the system and the details of your home. I believe that this
roadmap will net greater success for any homeowner that wants to pursue this relatively
new technology.

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