Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth N.H

Portsmouth at sunset

If you have recently moved to the Seacoast of New Hampshire as many families
have in the past few decades, a worthwhile field trip is to visit Historic Strawberry Banke,
Portsmouth N.H.

Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth N.H

Strawberry Banke was settled in 1630 by Captain Walter Neale who named the
settlement Strawberry Banke because of the abundance of strawberries along the banks of
the Piscataqua River. Strawberry Banke remained a neighborhood until the late 1950’s
when the Urban Renewal Development began slowly restoring 37 individual homes, which
is now in the Historic Register.  
In terms of historic Colonial and American architectural styles; Strawberry Banke
has three architectural style buildings on display, which include Colonial, Georgian, and

The Sherburne house, which was built in 1695, is an example of a colonial house in
Strawberry Banke. This colonial house is utilitarian and is a two story, one-unit deep home
with a center chimney. There are two cross-gables on the front facade. If you’re interested
in seeing the Sherburne House, I believe the address is 14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth,
NH 03801.

An example of a Georgian architectural style building in Strawberry Banke would
be the Chase family house, which was built in 1762. This symmetrical, Gambrel, wood
clad-boarded structure has Mustard colored siding, with scale and prominence. The most
eye catching aspect of the building for me is the segmental pediment with a paneled door.
This building is all class and is located at 698 Middle Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801.
The last prominent architectural style in Strawberry Banke is the Nathen Parker
home. This three-story, hipped low pitched roof, red brick, five ranked -symmetrical
windows, is a Federalist Style home, which was constructed in 1810. The six panel,
fanlight door is an excellent example of Federalist architecture. Also, the graduated
window heights from floor to floor is another excellent example of Federalist architecture.
The Nathen Parker home is located on 46 Livermore Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

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