The “Basic” Deck

The basic deck

Are they making a comeback?

Through the years I have built a large variety of extremely detailed decks, along with my share of decks that I would classify as a “basic” deck. A “basic” deck consists of several footings, a platform, rails, staircase, and all wood materials consisting of pressure treated lumber. Overall a “basic” Deck is about function and affordability.
From 1996 through 1999, I built well over eighty “Basic” decks, which were for a variety of track builders and first-time home buyers who were budget conscious. What I take from this period, was that these structures were simplistic in detail, affordable, and an absolute pleasure to build. Through the years the deck systems have evolved into complicated structures, a budget buster for most homeowners, and a project that can range in weeks to months in length. As the owner of a small remodeling company, the “basic” deck system is seeing a comeback for variety of reasons as outlined above. I am happy to see customers at least entertaining the novelty of building a “basic” deck. The biggest misnomer that I believe that most homeowners are deceived by when contemplating a pressure treated deck is maintenance associated with treated material. As I tell all customers, staining the structure with a high-end, oil based, semi-transparent stain is a simple, fast solution to countering this issue. It’s typical that staining the deck will be required every 12-24 months, but the process of staining a deck is simple and fast in my opinion. 
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