What can go wrong with vinyl windows?

Vinyl Windows can be done correctly

Vinyl windows have a large market share of all windows being used on
the market, however there can be drawbacks to using this type of window.

  1. Vinyl windows can expand and contract depending on the
    region of the country and the sun exposure, which can
    compromise a variety of functions of the window, such as
    weather-stripping effectiveness, and warping frames.
  2. Vinyl as a product can degrade rapidly from ultra-violet rays
    from the sun.
  3. Vinyl becomes brittle in cold temperatures and is susceptible
    to damage from contact.
  4. The vinyl sash’s expansion and contraction tend to lose their
    gas pack sooner than wood or aluminum competitors.

Not all vinyl windows are necessarily a substandard window, however
sun exposure, quality of construction by the manufacture, and installation are
extremely important when using a vinyl window.