When should you consider custom cabinets?

Custom cabinets are fun and exciting to work on

I absolutely love building custom cabinetry and please understand that
perspective when reading this blog. Custom cabinetry is not always a cost-
effective avenue to travel when designing your future kitchen, but it can be
viable option when you have a kitchen that is larger or atypical in dimensions.
If your kitchen is large in scale, it can be a cost-effective manner to
explore the costs of having a local cabinet shop quote your project because
manufactured price point is geared on smaller to mid-sized kitchens. My shop
can be streamed lined for assembly which improves my price point when
quoting your large-custom-kitchen.

The second area where my shop can be competitive on price points
regarding a manufactured kitchen is on the custom features. For example, I can
make your base cabinets less in depth for the same cost, as opposed to a
manufacture. I also only build multi-bay cabinetry, which is a custom feature
and speeds up the installation. These equations make my shop more
competitive with a manufacturer.

As an authorized dealer of TSG cabinetry, I have found that the largest
price jumps are in the hardware and specialty items, such as molding, pullouts,
and open shelving which subject to large price jumps. These challenges from
my shop are not challenges but they are instead embraced, which is another
avenue the consumer can save.

The last issue that a customer should consider when deciding on a cabinet
shop vs. a manufacturer is the quality of construction. The cabinetry that I
construct is designed to withstand heavy use, however not all manufactures
construct their cabinetry for long lasting usage.